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Theme Parks Near and Around Tampa


Adventure Park Water park

A favorite among locals and vacationers alike, this theme park is a summer necessity. With several water slides, including the Aruba Tuba, Everglides and Runaway Rapids, there’s something for everyone. Ideal for families, this Tampa attraction offers more than just an afternoon spent splashing around in the water. As part of SeaWorld Parks and Entertainment, enjoy some sand time in the Spike Zone, complete with volleyball nets and plenty of Florida sand, warmed by the sun.

Tampa LegoLand Theme Park

The LegoLand Theme Park offers a host of attractions and benefits for families. A favorite is the Knight Lights light show, held each night as weather permits. This awe-inspiring artistic creation is enough to make you commit to returning every year. The little ones get the opportunity to meet the heroes of Lego Nexo Knights and it’s an all around great time for families. The vivid colors bring this theme park to life and the many attractions are worth considering an annual pass.

Busch Gardens in Tampa

If you haven’t been to Busch Gardens in a few years, now is a great time to consider planning a vacation around its many attractions. It offers impressive vacation packages that come with plenty of discounts and benefits. In fact, in one package, you enjoy all day dining at no cost. This classic Tampa, FL attraction offers extended hours during the summer, including the opportunity to ride any of its roller coasters in the dark – including the massive Kumba roller coaster, which travels at speeds of 60 mph and is massive 143’ high. Any of these roller coasters are enough to send your adrenaline into overdrive, but in the dark, too? It brings the theme park experience to a new level.

A Tampa Favorite: Six Flags

Finally, we take a look at another Tampa classic, Six Flags. This famous theme park offers many thrill rides as well as family rides that allow Mom and Dad to experience the fun. This includes several water events and slides that are sure to please the little ones. Its latest attractions include the Wonder Woman Lasso of Truth. There are live events, too, including concerts and other live entertainment. This park has recently updated its day passes, so be sure to explore these money-saving opportunities and buying online saves you even more. You’ll find a number of cafes and restaurants inside the park and this family friendly park has events for the whole family.

Tampa has a lot to offer vacationers. If you’re looking to spend some time under the Florida sunshine, be sure to book early and online if possible, plan which theme parks in and around Tampa you wish to visit and consider buying day passes for additional savings. It’s a great way to spend your vacation and the affordability of most attractions means it’s sure to become a family favorite.

Robin Fuson
By Robin Fuson