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Museums in Tampa


If you live in or visit Tampa, FL often, there are several museums that open up a new world you never knew existed. A favorite is the Museum of Science and Industry, or MOSI, known for its planetarium shows and science camps for aspiring scientists. Each summer, it offers a camp for young people. Kids as young as 4 and as old as 18 spend a portion of their summers exploring the technological advances in recent years, the many educational resources and the opportunity to bring the world of science to life. It also hosts a number of films and shows via the Hospital IMAX Dome Theatre. This is an incredible opportunity for children as they begin their journey of learning what fascinates them and what they might wish to become someday.

Another must-visit is the Tampa Museum of Art. This museum is best enjoyed by reserving an entire day to explore all it has to offer. It’s popular “evening on the town” at the Museum happens every fourth Friday, beginning at 4 pm. You’ll experience new cultural ideas at the institutions along Tampa’s River walk as you celebrate Tampa’s rich arts and culture scene. You have the option of paying as you go admissions to those events you wish to attend or explore.

Did you know you can rent out part of the museum? Many have had their weddings and other special events at the Tampa museum. It offers plenty of space and a magnificent backdrop that will forever be a part of your wedding magic.

If the only walk down an aisle you’re interested in is to find a great meal, you’ll be happy to know the museum’s Sono Café is accessible to diners through an admission-free entrance. This striking court overlooks Hillsborough River and offers a covered terrace as you enjoy any number of entrees, local coffees, and gelato.

Just across Tampa Bay, you’ll find the renowned Salvador Dali Museum. This stunning museum is an architectural dream from the outside and a fascinating display of art, history and other important exhibits once you step inside. You can attend lectures on a number of subjects, enjoy any number of the many performances offered each month and you can also sign up for yoga classes.

Enjoy a number of films from the ArtFlix collection and plan to attend any of the Cult Classics, which feature films like Edward Scissorhands (filmed in nearby Lakeland, FL). The museum has a permanent collection of films, photographs, and sculptures – more than 2,000 pieces, but you’ll also discover a current exhibit which is featured for a limited period of time.

Finally, be sure to stop into the onsite gift store before you leave. Here, you’ll find a number of books, puzzles, fragrances, clothing and more to help memorialize your time spent at one of the most revered museums in the country.

Tampa is an old city and its museums and respect for days past come alive in any number of the exhibits it proudly shows. It’s a great opportunity to open your eyes – and your children – to the importance of culture and art.

Robin Fuson
By Robin Fuson