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Crimes Related to Prostitution

Criminal Defense

There are those who insist prostitution is a victimless crime. There are just as many would argue that there are victims, even if they are in the background. The betrayed wives, the children who struggle to understand why Mom and Dad are fighting all the time, the mothers who are ashamed of an article in the local newspaper, outing her son or daughter as part of a prostitution ring – and those are just the obvious victims. Just when it seems it can get no worse, it does. Families learn that additional charges related to prostitution may be forthcoming and sometimes, it’s the proverbial straw that breaks the camel’s back.

Underage Sex

Often, a prostitute is a young girl with grown up problems, grown up addictions and life experiences that would rival any adult’s hard knocks. If a sting operation uncovers a client having sex with a girl who is his daughter’s age, the repercussions are overwhelming. With a focus on child pornography and prostitution, these are the kinds of charges that devastate all involved. It can make it difficult for a man to face his own daughter, too.

Trafficking Rings

Too many times, a john meets with a prostitute, unaware that she is being forced to have sex with multiple men each day. She lives with the fear of dying at the hands of her handlers, completely unaffected by the realization that the john could kill her just as fast.

STD Infections

In some states, an HIV positive person who does not disclose his or her status is guilty of a crime, too. Many of those laws have been on the books for years and in some states, they are being rewritten to reflect current realities.


According to our prostitution attorneys, many arrests are made with one or both parties in possession of illegal drugs or drug paraphernalia. This creates an entirely new plate of crimes that will affect the charged for years to come. Many prostitutes began because they needed to escape something and often, drugs are a part of that escape mechanism.


Often, a charge of prostitution comes with a charge of solicitation. Solicitation is defined as an “urgent request, plea, or entreaty; enticement to urge someone to commit an unlawful act.” The term solicitation is used in a variety of legal contexts, but most see it alongside prostitution charges. A person who asks someone to commit an illegal act has committed the criminal act of solicitation. The laws vary, but in most states, there are solicitation options for prosecutors.

Any of these crimes are horrific, especially for a family man, but the reality is the aftermath will surely affect the family members who must now live with a truth that will affect each one of them the rest of their lives. For the prostitutes, they too will face challenges that will difficult for them as they attempt to recover from any arrest associated with prostitution. An experienced prostitution attorney can help navigate those waters for both parties, but for some, the first attorney they hear about is the one their spouse has hired to handle the divorce and custody issues.

Robin Fuson
By Robin Fuson