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Where to Do Community Service in Tampa


For those who want to give back to their community, one fine way of accomplishing that is by doing community service with the Humane Society. This non-profit organization has worked for many years to protect animals, domesticated and otherwise. It has been a part of the Tampa community for 100 years and is a respected organization. Many volunteer opportunities exist, and you can learn more on its website.

Another well-respected organization is the Alpha House of Tampa. This organization offers shelter and safety to homeless pregnant women and mothers who have children. It provides the tools necessary to pick up the pieces and begin to build a life for themselves and their children. From parenting classes to food and shelter to providing interview tips, the opportunities for community service with this Tampa organization are many.

The Big Brothers and Big Sisters of Florida organization allow one to offer guidance the benefit of experience Tampa’s young people. In a time when many kids are growing up in a one-parent home or who are looking for guidance in an ever-changing and sometimes overwhelming world, this organization is there to fill that need. So many leave the program once they reach adulthood and go on to do the kinds of things that change the world. Many opt to offer their own community outreach in Tampa, too. It’s a worthy cause and certainly worth consideration for those who have a calling to volunteer.

The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay recently learned Tampa Bay Business Journal named it 2017’s Nonprofit of the Year. Its goal is simple: to ensure no one in the Tampa community faces a crisis alone. The Crisis Center of Tampa Bay’s mission is to bring help, hope and healing for those who face life challenges, including sexual assault, domestic violence, financial distress and help for those who are considering suicide. This group has been in Tampa since 1972 and is known as a powerful advocate for those in need. It’s a wonderful opportunity for those interested in providing community service.

Faces of Courage is another well known and respected Tampa organization. It hosts fundraisers to fund its many camps for cancer victims, to ensure its legacy fund is operable to help those who cannot afford treatment or other needs as a result of a cancer diagnosis. Most of its community service opportunities including assisting with planning events as part of the Event Committee. You may be asked to sell tickets, help line up entertainment, help with the coordination of venues and more. If you’re looking for a long-term opportunity, the directors are always looking for those who can help out year round.

The Make a Wish Organization is another important agency that provides community service, but also needs others to lend a hand from time to time to ensure its mission is fulfilled. This group works hard to make those wishes come true for children, and there is no better cause than which to volunteer.

If you have any legal experience, you may even be able to go to a local law school and offer some bar exam tips. These are just a few opportunities if you’re wondering where to do community service in Tampa. Explore all of your options and choose which one you could be of greatest service.

Robin Fuson
By Robin Fuson